We are trying something new
Posted On Friday, September 26, 2014

Today, we are officially announcing the release of EWT GS 1.0. The app is targeted to syndicate contents from our websites when they are published and make them available to be read offline.

We understand the need of you to be able to follow our updates on your mobile devices and the high cost of internet or slow network in most countries, hence, the production of this application. This is new with us and we cordially invite you to try it with us.

 You can download EWT GS 1.0 from the Google Play Store

EWT merges with FoxTechs - Providing you absolute perfection!
Posted On Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hello everyone, we are proud to announce to you that Jake Founder/CEO of FoxTechs projects and WeeShare! here, is now the new Head of Development for EWT (Elites World Technology).

"It is my honor to announce today that the business FoxTechs and EWT have merged - now (the name still being EWT) one big tech company. " The new EWT head of development department Jake, told EwtNet.

"The originality will still stay here - nothing to worry. You will still be able to enjoy all of the tech news and reports of the EWT Blog, you will still be able to receive IT Solutions and computer products offline from the EWT Nigerian office, and as for FoxTechs; you will still be able to receive the high quality plugins and support you're used to for Oxwall.

Another notation to make with this merge is that WeeShare! is going to now be recognized as an EWT project, or more so a product if you will. WeeShare! will continue to be a open, free, transparent Social Discovery Network and it will be up and running around July so no worries there either!

This merge means EWT is destined to extend it's tentacle into a renown tech company hub - where we'll help you keep up with the tech industry whilst helping you start your own business (tech or not) online.

This merge is currently still in the works, but will be completed soon. EWT will plan to offer the following to everyone:

  • IT Solutions; Computers, accessories, etc. sells offline (online store soon)
  • Shared and VPS hosting
  • Plugins/Themes and solutions for Oxwall (and others like PHPfox, WordPress, soon)
  • WeeShare!: The free, open social network where you can be yourself.
  • Tech news and blogging for you to keep up with the industry

The Board is the main team that manages EWT, and there is currently four members that are gracefully a precious part of it; one of them being me. We will dedicate our skills and time to make sure EWT is as powerful and helpful to you as it is to us, and we hope for the best in the future for EWT and all of our products and that they can help you shape your own, great future.

Until next time, thank you for reading.

Another Oxwall weekend - we got you covered!
Posted On Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hello Oxwall users, welcome to another week of great Oxwall mods. I beleive you are already enjoying the features of Oxwall 1.6. If you already haven't done so, you can split your join page into two or customize your Oxwall mobile branding. The fix for the plugin/theme update error can also be found here.

We got you covered | Image credit: oxart
In the recent weeks, our developers has been quite busy, testing a lot of cool mods for your Oxwall website. Today, we are going to roll out quite a number of them.

We have moved to EWTNET.COM
Posted On Saturday, January 25, 2014

If you are a regular user or fan of EWT, the old eobasi.blogspot.com. I'm proud to announce to you that we have moved to a new domain name - EWTNET.COM is now our new homepage.

Of course, the contents of EOBASI.COM was successfully moved to our new domain. We did not redirect eobasi.com and have no intention of doing that in the nearest future.

To help you easily find topics posted on EWTNET we have designed this page. Simply search for the topic you are looking for, using our custom search engine.

Help us spread the news by tweeting and sharing our post on Facebook and other social media.

Psst! Read this...
Posted On Tuesday, January 14, 2014

If you are wondering what happened here, I want to give you the heads up: We just moved.

This sub-domain was originated made for the publication of our progress at Elites World Technology, a place where you can get information regarding our latest developments. However, due to a lots of project going on within, we decided to set it aside. Today, we are proud to announce to you that this is the official blog of Elites World technology.

What happened to the contents?

The article previously published here can still be found on our homepage. We have taken sometime to re-publish the articles we feel are valuable to you, your comments are preserved as well.
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